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As a mechanical insulation contractor, we put the finishing touches on all manner of commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing installations. When you work with us, rest assured your work will be performed to the highest standards, safely, on time, and in budget, by our own experienced, professional crews.

Quality Mechanical Insulation Services

When it comes to mechanical systems, properly insulated piping, valves and equipment save energy, reduce cost and extend system life. Whether you are planning new construction, remodeling or require system maintenance, count on us to correctly install your insulation for maximum ROI.

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See what we've done and you'll understand the value of working with Ruiz-Boyter.


Clients Testimonials

  • David Schnautz

    5F Mechanical Group, Inc.

    Ruiz-Boyter's ability to provide cost-effective solutions in a myriad of project environments sets them apart from the competition. The consistency and performance that the RBC&S team supplies is crucial in maintaining the efficiency that supports overall project sequencing and scheduling. Always available when called upon and needed, Ruiz-Boyter is a company you can count on to provide the solutions and results that are required.

  • Craig Hawkins

    The Brandt Companies, LLC.

    I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding performance of your team to the success of the Toyota North America Headquarters Project. The hard work and attention to detail helped in ensuring that the project was executed in the best possible manner. I look forward to working together on future projects.

  • Yancey Jones

    Polk Mechanical

    At Polk Mechanical, we place the highest value on our customers, in fact, it is one of our guiding principles. For that to be successful, we must have vendor and subcontractor partners that are willing to do the same. To work odd hours, to bring value to the pricing and engineering aspects of the job, and yes to literally “jump through hoops” if the situation demands it. We have just such a partner in Ruiz-Boyter. For over fifteen years they and their predecessor company have been one of our most valued team members. Thanks to Silvia and Gary for building a successful company that “gets it.”

  • Richard Skipper


    We have worked with Ruiz-Boyter over the years. We have found that they do quality work and maintain the job schedule. We would recommend them for any of your insulation needs.