Your Full Service Mechanical Insulation Contractor

From million-dollar cleanroom projects to industrial facilities and high-rise superstructures, Ruiz-Boyter provides the turnkey insulation services you need to protect all of your vital mechanical equipment, ductwork & piping. Our dedicated, full-time crews safely perform the following services, on time, in budget, to the highest standards of quality, as promised.

Our Specialties Include: Chilled water, glycol, refrigerant piping, domestic water, heating water, boilers, tanks, pumps, chillers, cooling towers, steam piping, clean rooms, mechanical rooms and grease ducts, among others.

Our Materials Include: Cellular Glass, Calcium Silicate, Rigid /Flexible Fiberglass, Flexible
Elastomeric, Phenolic Foam, Polyurethane and Ceramic Fiber.

Duct Insulation

A lightweight, blanket-type, thermal and acoustical insulation made of glass fibers, recommended as thermal insulation for the exterior of HVAC duct systems where temperature control and condensation prevention is required.

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Pipe Insulation

Made from preformed sections of the following material types: Cellular Glass, Calcium Silicate, Fiberglass, Flexible Elastomeric, Phenolic Foam or Polyurethane. The manufacturer produces the pipe insulation in 3 ft. sections, with the exception of cellular glass which comes in 2 ft. sections. Pipe insulation is recommended over hot, cold, indoor and outdoor piping systems where temperature/condensation control is required.

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 PVC & Aluminum Jacketing

Designed to provide protective coverage on pipe and duct systems for indoor or outdoor use and available in different thicknesses, colors and finishes depending on application and specification requirements.

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Sound & Noise Control

A flexible vinyl-backed insulation that resists the passage of sound waves. Material is particularly effective in blocking airborne noise in the low- to mid-frequency sound spectrum.

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Heat Tracing

A generalized term relating to the application of radiant heat input to piping systems from electrical cable, sandwiched in between the piping and insulation to prevent freezing due to severe climate conditions.

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Removable Covers

Used for valves, flanges, fittings, pumps and other equipment, covers are effective, convenient and a safe option for HOT systems that require preventive maintenance.

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Safety Is Our Business

All Ruiz-Boyter Foreman Are Trained in the Following: Confined Space, Aerial/Scissor Lift, CPR/First Aid, OSHA 10 hr. /30 hr., Fire Safety, Hazard Communication, Ladder Safety, Fall Protection, Scaffold Safety and Basic Awareness.